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Sun, Nov 08, 2015

Fundamentals: Faith and Obedience

A Beautiful Relationship May Be Hard to Find. Life is sweeter, happier, more joyful, and more peaceful when we have beautiful relationships! Home life, work life, community life, friends, etc. all thrive when the relationships are beautiful. Frequently overlooked is the beauty of the relationship of faith in God and obedience to God. Unfortunately faith and obedience are seen as the “requirements” of Christianity. Yes, they are requirements but much more than that, there is a beautiful relationship between faith and obedience. They bring unspeakable joy, happiness, and tranquility. It is not a formula which says, “Do this, Do this and “Do that” and it will bring happiness, joy and tranquility. No, it is the will to become a different kind of person. Becoming a Christian isn’t just a “five step” process Instead, we vow to God that we will become new creatures according to his plan. It is demanding, not of just of particular behavior but of becoming a new person. When Paul spoke of “faith” he was speaking of “trust.” Coupled with this was his inexhaustible gratitude for what Christ had done for him on the cross.
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