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Sun, Oct 18, 2015

Many Members but One Body

I really don’t like jigsaw puzzles. All of pieces look alike in some ways but each one is different in size, shape, and part of the picture. That confuses me no end! It would be so much easier to put it together if every piece looked the same, was the same size, and had the same shape. I could work with that. But after it was all put together there would be no beautiful scene to enjoy, no characters to see, nothing but “sameness.” I get tired of “sameness.” When God deigned the church, it seems that the word “sameness” was not in his vocabulary. Instead, he took all of the different gifts of human beings and wove them into a beautiful picture. He called it the Body of Christ and its “pieces” are wonderfully different in their abilities, capabilities, and other gifts. God gave a job to each “piece” so that it could function according to the “gift” God had given to it.
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