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Sun, Oct 25, 2015

The Essence of Love

No, I really can’t capture the essence of love. God’s love is as confusing to me as God’s wrath. Why would he love me so much that he would allow his Son to be sacrificed in my behalf? God’s wrath is equally confusing to me. Some people are so absorbed in thinking of God’s wrath that the grand vision of his love becomes obscure and distorted. The atoning sacrifice of God’s Son helps me with my lack of understanding of his wrath. Yes, at times his wrath even seems unjust but this is overshadowed by his inexplicable love for each of us. After all, life – both secular and religious – is a journey of faith. In this life we will never have all the answers we want but that does not mean that no answers exist. Our faith in God does not have its roots in our own logic but in the incomprehensible love which we can experience in Christ as “The Essence of Love” Romans 12:9-13
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