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Jack Burch

Jack Burch was born in Miami Florida in 1926. After high school he joined the U.S. Merchant Marine in 1944, serving in the Atlantic and Mediterranean during the latter part of W.W. II. He received a B.S. degree in Marine Engineering from the U.S. Merchant Academy, a B.A. degree in speech communications from David Lipscomb College, Nashville, Tennessee, and an M.A. degree in New Testament from Abilene Christian College. In addition, he has done special graduate work at Southern California School of Theology at Claremont and Fuller Theological Seminary. From 1969 - 1979 he was part of the adjunct faculty in religion at Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. He has also taught in Nigeria, Vienna, Austria, and South Korea.

 One of Jack's areas of special interest is the Greek text of the New Testament. He did research for his Master's Thesis at the International Greek New Testament Project based at Emory University and was the first person to use a computer in comparing variant readings in the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament.

 Jack's primary interest has always been congregational ministry. He began preaching in 1948 and is presently the pulpit minister for the Burbank Church of Christ. He has also served churches of Christ in Glendale and Palm Desert, California, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, and Florida. Jack returns to Seoul, South Korea each year to teach in a ministerial training school for churches of Christ in that country.


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Sun, Jul 12, 2015
Duration: 33 mins 11 secs
Give Us a King! Can’t you just hear that chant ringing out over the land of Israel? “We Want a King--We Want a King--We Want a King” “All the other nations have a king to lead them in battle. Why can’t we have one too?” When Israel demanded a king, God told Samuel, “They have not rejected you; they have rejected me as their king.” Signs and posters could have read: SAMUEL IS NOT OUR RULER GIVE US A KING GET WITH IT In this lesson we will look at Israel’s demands: “Give Us a King” I Sam. 8:1-5 Sunday Evening Sermon “Give Us a King” I Sam. 8:1-5
Sun, Jul 05, 2015
The Gift of Giving The root meaning of the word grace is “gift.” Grace is the gift of God and the ability to give is also a gift from God. Let’s learn to give out of gratitude to God for his unspeakable gift of Christ. Let’s learn to give “as we have prospered” (I Cor. 16:2) and give as we have purposed in our hearts (II Cor. 9:7).
Sun, Jun 28, 2015
Profit and Loss Statements The business world operates on financial profit and loss statements. Paul told the Philippians that he operated on a spiritual profit and loss statement. But where do I fit in this matrix of assets vs. liabilities, profits vs. losses, income vs. expenses? The perfect answer comes in our lesson on: “Paul’s Profit and Loss Statement” Phil. 3:7-11 Morning Sermon “Paul’s Profit and Loss Statement” Phil. 3:7-11
Sun, Jun 28, 2015
Sophia was a Greek goddess of wisdom. Athena was another such goddess. The Greeks believed that the wisdom of their deities and philosophers was the key to life, but the book of Proverbs surpasses the wisdom of the Greeks. In this lesson we will take a brief look at some ancient Hebrew proverbs. Join us as we look at: “A Little Wisdom from Solomon” Proverbs 1:1-7
Sun, Jun 21, 2015
(ekklēsia) The word in the title above is the original New Testament word translated “church.” Its literal meaning is “a gathering or assembly of people.” The Biblical concept of the church is the gathering or assembly of people who belong to Christ. It is not a building or an organization in the contemporary sense. Instead, it is the gathering of God’s people. Paul tells us that Christ died for the church (Eph. 5:25). “Christ and the Church”
Sun, Jun 21, 2015
Is My Life a Life of Meaningless Accomplishments? Work! Work! Work! Every day, more work! But what am I accomplishing that is lasting, meaningful, and important? I can do a lot of “stuff” which adds little or nothing to my life or to the lives of others. I can’t say that everything I do has to be profound, but I must ask myself, “What are the important work-priorities in my own life?” From the life of Solomon, let’s look at a few of life’s “Meaningless Accomplishments”
Sun, Jun 14, 2015
Passage: Mark 10:17-22
Duration: 28 mins 57 secs
Sun, Jun 14, 2015
Duration: 33 secs
Two Lovely Descriptions of Love. The writing styles of John and Paul are very different. Thankfully this gives us the benefit of a deeper picture of the unbounded love of God. Paul describes it in terms of the practical everyday relationships we have with others. John describes it primarily in reference to the God-man relationship. However, he shows how God’s love provides the power for us to transform that love into our relationships with one another. At the same time he emphasizes the origin of our love for God – “We love because he first loved us.” Let’s look at: “The Love Chapters of John and Paul”
Sun, May 31, 2015
God’s Providence at Work Faith has it problems but faith is not blind. In a sense of the word, every person, every day walks by faith. We go to bed at night believing the sun will rise in the morning. We get in the car to go to work believing that it will start and operate properly. The list is endless. How is our faith in the Almighty? Joseph’s adverse experiences led him to a deeper faith. You see, it is not simply the tests of our faith which weaken or strengthen us. It is our attitude toward the divine providence of our Lord which makes the difference. Trust in God’s providence leads us to the triumph of faith!
Sun, May 31, 2015
Passage: 1 John 3:1-3
The Love of God John speaks of love more than any other New Testament writer. In his Gospel, as well as his three epistles, this theme dominates. God’s love for mankind surpasses our imagination. Those who have objected to God’s punishment for sin have never given full consideration to the wondrous topic of his love. Paul says, “While we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” In John 3:16 we have the familiar statement, “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.” In his first epistle John exclaims, “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God.” God honors us beyond words. Let’s live to honor the Father.
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